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Alternative Physical Massage and Sport Therapy, LLC
By Udo Magel, PHD



Udo Magel is a native of Germany, residing in the United States since 1986. He is by far the most experienced soft tissue and sports therapist around here. The experience that he has and the knowledge that he has collected over his 30+ years cannot be measured. If you are hurting or have chronic pain... contact this expert. The Rocky Mountain Laser College highly recommends him to you.

Udo's Training in Germany includes 8 years in the Air Force hospital where he became a certified nurse and paramedic rescue. He graduated as a registered Physical Therapist and Sports Trainer and has been practicing ever since.

In 1986, Mr. Magel moved to the United States in the state of California. A major portion of his 20+ years work experience in the 'States' has been involved working with professional and amateur athletes. He worked with players of the San Francisco 49er's from 1989 through 1994 and for two month with players of the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 1995-1996, he worked with members of the San Francisco Giants, as well as having been involved with the 1995 and 1996 ATP Sybase Tennis Tours in San Jose, California. He worked with the Bruce Jenner track meet for 4 years and assisted athletes from the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games as well as those participating in the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

He is also involved with the 1998 USA National Aerobics Champions. In 1999, he became an official member of the USA National Sports Training Team.

In September, 2005 he received his Ph. D in Manual Therapy from Rocklands University, UK.

In 2006 Udo moved to Lakewood Colorado and is working with Golden High School athletes and the general public. Serving Lakewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Arvada and Denver metro area.


Udo's Neuromuscular, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Manual Therapy and myo-fascial relief practice in Lakewood Colorado is reliving patients' symptoms, which include sports, and work related injuries, and stress reduction. He has experience working with patients with special needs such as those with cancer or pregnant women. He specializes in handling and treating workman's comp and personal injuries.


Professional Memberships of:

  • NAC, The national Aerobics Champions, Sports Training Tea
  • AMTA, American Massage Therapists Association
  • APMT, Association of Professional Massage Therapy and Body Work
  • Member Cambridge Who's Who
  • Former Chamber of Los Gatos
  • Former Member Lions Club Los Gatos
  • German - American Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Honorary Member California Police Motorcycle Association
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Post and Preventative Therapeutic Massage Therapy
  • Neck and Back Therapy
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Personal Trainer for Sports Injury and Rehabilitation
  • Deep Tissue - Medical Prenatal Therapeutic Massage Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exam
  • Sports taping / Kinesio / Rock taping
  • Super Pulsed Laser Therapy Accelerates Pain Relief
  • Successful completed training in MPS Ultimate Pain Therapy



"Your years of experience and vast knowledge have made you the very best in your field. Thank you for helping our children with their sport injuries and your desire to work your hardest"  Lorenzo Kunze, M.E.
Rocky Mountain Laser College - Lakewood, CO - www.laserlaser.com

''Thank you for your kindness and Care. Hopefully our paths will cross often in the years ahead. You may be sure I will recommend you Highly to others''
Payton Jordan
Track Coach Emeritus of Stanford University

''Its been a great years working with you. Thank you for everything''
Bill Romanowski
Former San Francisco 49er, 4 time Super Bowl Champion
See more on Bill Romanowski and his experiences with Udo in his book. I'm in chapter 5.

''The best massage therapist in the business''
Ricky Waters
Former San Francisco 49er

''I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for all your devotion and hard work''
Sandy Baker
Aerobic Champion 1998 - Los Gatos

''I am able to move much more freely now that the stiffness has remised''
Edward Lackner, M.D. of Los Gatos, CA

''I've seen many, many massage therapists in my football career. Udo is, without a doubt, the best!''
Kevin Fagan
Retired player of the San Francisco 49er's

''The best therapist around, thanks for all of your help and support''
Keith DeLong
Former San Francisco 49er

''What you so kindly showed me shall stay with me for a long time''
H. Daneshvar
Civil adjutant to the Shah of Iran

''If I ever hear of someone who is suffering neuromuscular discomfort, I will surely refer them to you''
E. Julie Bass
Divens of San Jose, CA

''Thanks for your great help and support''
Diane Murray 1992 Tae Kwon Doe Olympic Silver Medalist

"Thank you Udo, if it would not for you, I would not be staying here. Half of this, is yours!"
Daiana Nanzer, Sport Aerobic Champion Argentina, 2009  Las Vegas








"A hug from Columbia!
Thanks for all your help with our partner, we thought we could not compete, but you made a miracle."
2009 Las Vegas Sport Aerobic! Team Columbia , you have three friends here!!


Olga Cardoso
World Sportairobic Champion
Coach and Choreographer















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